The Mystic Soul Project is a nonprofit centering the voices, teachings and dialogue of POC(people of color) at the intersection of spirituality, activism and healing. We are spiritually inclusive and LGBTQIA inclusive and center the margins of the margins - specifically POC and QTPOC (queer and trans poc). We believe that there are ancient and contemporary wisdoms from the global traditions and histories of people of color manifesting in new ways today that can inform and expand the frameworks of understanding spirituality, activism and healing. We also believe in centering the healing and care of POC at the core of our work and the furthering of our mission. Even more so in this socio-political context POC need as much support, healing, and spiritual care space as possible. 


We believe that we are in a critical moment in our nation and the world. Part of creating a world that holds space for grace and equanimity means de-centering all the structures and forms of white privilege & supremacy as well as deconstructing and visiblizing the historical (and contemporary) erasure of POC in the Christian contemplative lineage, western spiritual traditions, and practices.


We believe it is an important time to reclaim our own historical memory of the the POC contemplative past and build a more inclusive spiritual future. This process means facing the issues of privilege and erasure not just of POC contemplative lineage, but the lost indigenous spiritual roots that suffered annihilation through colonization. It also means facing, together, the complexities of intergenerational trauma, and finding a path towards collective and individual healing to find our way forward.


Additionally, it means owning the strength and resources from POC histories in which, by necessity and survival, activism and action is always inextricably linked to deep spirituality. In this way, the POC community has a unique lineage of embodying action and contemplation as a way of life -- and has much it can offer and teach the existing white contemplative lineage in this area.


It is time to expand the contemplative frame and spiritual lineage to be inclusive of all mystic experience. It is time to engage with a radical spiritual path that isn't just built by and for those of privilege, dominance and power. It is time to remember, as POC, that we hold the strength of our ancestors in our bones, our DNA, our cultural memories - and the wisdom of healing and spirituality are in the lineage of our peoples. It is time to explore the ways in which the western spiritual world has remained to small by the invisibility of POC, women and femme POC, trans and queer POC.


We believe all things are possible in a more inclusive world  - in which we don't just de-center the dominant narratives, but we create spaces which are centering the unheard, marginalized, and invisibilized POC voices to build a community that is made for and by us, welcoming to all. We are excited and hopeful to engage in this adventure with you!


    Teresa P Mateus                         Jade Perry                                Ra Mendoza

Teresa is a trauma specialist, contemplative practice teacher, author, speaker, professor and co-founder/Executive Director of The Mystic Soul Project. Her work converges at the intersections of healing, spirituality and justice - with a focus on people/communities of color. She speaks on these intersections with a focus on indigenous reclamation as a means of healing from intergenerational trauma, trauma in movements/activism, the intersection of contemplation and action - centering the margins, religious/spiritual trauma, and spirituality and healing with a POC-focus. Teresa is the author of Mending Broken: A Journey Through the Stages of Trauma & Recovery and Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma. Her third book on spiritual pilgrimage and The Camino de Santiago is currently in progress. ​You can learn more about Teresa at teresapmateus.com

and @teresapmateus.

Jade is a writer, speaker, and multicultural student affairs professional. She has been working formally in the context of religious higher education for the past few years. Her written work and speaking topics have included topics such as spirituality, race / ethnicity, sexuality, culture, identity, and more. Her formal mission is to offer information, ideas, & countercultural narratives that will empower readers to thrive and to lovingly & creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of inclusion! Follow her on Jadetperry.com or follow her on Twitter @Jade_T_P!

Ra Mendoza recently relocated to Chicago, IL from Philadelphia, PA to pursue an MA at McCormick Theological Seminary and continue her work as recruitment/academic/diversity coordinator with Mission Year. Striving to be a passionate cultivator for justice, inclusion, and equity, Ra is currently focusing her work on educating and training those who desire to deepen their faith and activism. Ra's work is sustained by a continually widening interior spiritual life that parallels her identity journey as a third generation Mexican American woman.


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