All Mystic Soul Community Groups are independently run and organized. Each group is offered the Starter Kit to assist in centering the ethos and principles (visioning, rule of life, practices) that ground The Mystic Soul Project as an organization, but each group is formed organically in the communities that found each group. We are grateful for each and every group that seeks to build community in their local context and, as an organization, provide support as we are able to the formation and continuation of these community groups. Our ethos of centering the margins, spiritual inclusivity, and inclusivity around trans/queer identity are essential principles - for a Community Group to be listed here those principles must be agreed upon as foundational. 


The Starter Kit can help as a starting point if you want to start a group in your own area. 

Make sure to scroll down the listing on the left of the map to see all the groups listed and/or list below the interactive map.


Chicago Group

(Chicago, Illinois)

Point of Contact: Kwame Pitts

Email - Kwame Pitts: 

Philly Group

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Point of Contact: Ricky Citron

Email - Ricky Citron: 

Southern New Jersey Group

(Regional Area)

Point of Contact: Lynette Davis

Email - Lynette Davis:

Raleigh-Durham Group

(Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina)

Points of Contact: Beverly Wallace

Email - Beverly Wallace:

Greensboro Group

(Greensboro, North Carolina)

Point of Contact: Reggie Weaver

Email - Reggie Weaver:

New York Group

(New York, New York)

Point of Contact: Alexis Francisco

Email - Alexis Francisco:

Denver Group 

(Denver, Colorado)

Point of Contact: Beth Leyba

Email - Beth Leyba: 

Oakland Group

(Oakland, California)

Point of Contact: Xan West

San Diego Group

(San Diego, California)

Point of Contact: Hailey Mitsui-Davis

Email - Hailey Mitsui-Davis:

Kitchner-Waterloo Group

(Tri-City, Ontario, Canada) 

Point of Contact: Matthew Morales

Email - Matthew Morales:

Toronto Group

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Point of Contact: Rose-Ingrid Gracia

Email - Rose-Ingrid Gracia:

Vancouver Group

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Point of Contact: Celine Chuang

Email - Celine Chuang:

Virginia Beach-Hampton Roads Area Group

(Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Point of Contact: Byron McMillan

Email - Byron McMillan:

Los Angeles Area Group

(Los Angeles, California)
Points of Contact: 
Patrice M. Ford & De'Andrea Breann Lottier Ross

Email- Patrice M Ford: 

Email - De'Andrea Breann Lottier Ross:

Houston Group

(Houston, Texas)
Point of Contact: Brandi Holmes

Boston Group

(Boston, Massachusetts)
Point of Contact: Cicia Lee & Yani Burgos

Email- Cicia Lee:

Indianapolis Group

(Indianapolis, Indiana) 

Point of Contact: Michelle Anastasia

Madison Group

(Madison, Wisconsin)

Point of Contact: TK Morton

Email - TK Morton:

Nashville Group

(Nashville, Tennessee)

Point of Contact: Phillis Sheppard

Email - Phillis Sheppard:

Atlanta Group

(Atlanta, Georgia)

Point of Contact: Kenda Davis

Email - Kenda Davis:

Cincinnati Group

(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Point of Contact: Kara Michelle

Email - Kara Michelle:

Portland Group

(Portland, Oregon)

Point of Contact: Dare Sohei

For general questions regarding groups or regarding starting your own Mystic Soul community group please contact us at


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