In this project you will be guided through an art-making process inspired by the Japanese aesthetic philospophy, wabi-sabi, which engages our broken places, putting them back together and embraces the beauty, not deficit, of our cracks. 

Throughout the creative process you will work to embrace the gifts to be found in imperfection & the mistakes that add to the beauty of your piece.  You will nurture your inner artist & awaken to new ways of seeing yourself & the world around you.  

By the end of the class you will have created & completed a delightful piece that is authentically you. At the close of the Conference, if you are are willing, the bowl you have made will be displayed with the 99 others created over the weekend in the Centering Space for our closing spiritual practices, prayer and ceremony. You will leave with your piece when you go. 

OPEN: Friday & Saturday (see schedule for details), Ongoing

WHERE: Learners & Bowl Space

WITH: Lanecia Rouse

OPEN: Friday & Saturday (see schedule for details), Ongoing

WHERE: Creative Space

WITH: Ellie Yang Camp

The Crane Project is a conceptual art project by calligrapher Ellie Camp launched in April 2017. Micro-aggressions experienced by the artist and other people of color are written in calligraphy with black sumi ink on white origami paper.  Each micro-aggression is then folded into a paper crane.  Originating in Japanese culture and now common across East Asian American culture, paper cranes are a symbol of healing and hope for the future and folding a thousand paper cranes symbolizes a wish coming true. The liturgical process of reflecting, writing, and folding is meant to give a literal representation to the transformation of pain into to beauty.  


Come visit our space and make a crane of your own. All are welcome.  At the close of the conference the cranes will be displayed in the Centering Space along with the Bowl Project art. They will, either, become a part of the 1000 crane project or you can choose to take your crane home with you. See more about the project at:

PROJECT FOCUS: The project is meant to reflect the experiences of people of color so if you want to come and learn the process as a non-POC feel free, but those which will remain a part of the project and display on-site and for the artist's work will be POC micro-aggression cranes.

OPEN: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, Ongoing

WHERE: Centering Space (Hamming Hall) and throughout the conference spaces

ART BY: Jen Casselberry

CURATOR: Teresa Pasquale Mateus

The Ofrenda Altar Walk originates from the altar practice of Ofrenda (meaning offering and originating from the Day of the Dead practice of leaving offerings for the spirits of those who have passed). The altars created and curated for the conference's Altar spaces are homages to those saints that have come before us, un-remembered or under-remembered, who we feel held in the stories of their lives the work in the world we aspire to - of deep spirituality, of courageous justice, of empowered POC-voices, and healing for the world. Each of them inspire us today and lend towards an aspiration of the future of spirituality, healing and justice that holds the same bravery, beauty, strength and dedication.


There will be seven altars throughout the conference space (many of them in our communal Centering Space- Hamming Hall). You can visit the altars throughout the conference, read about their lives, some words for reflection or meditative prayer, and you are welcome to leave an offering if you feel drawn to - to that saint, to their memory, to their work. You can also leave an offering that lifts up a spirit who has passed on from this life or one that you carry with you and is living, that you want to share this sacred space of community and communion with you and with us.


A full map of the Ofrenda Altars will be available at the registration table as well as assistance from volunteers to answer any questions you might have. It is called a "walk" because like pilgrimage you can, if you feel drawn, visit all the altars throughout our shared space over the course of the weekend - like a subtle pilgrim's walk you carry throughout our time together. Whatever that looks like for you. 

OPEN: Friday, Ongoing

WHERE: Visioning & Story Space

WITH: Danyelle Thomas

We all have stories to tell and histories of ancestors and lineage that come before us. This project is a way of reclaiming and reframing the stories we have been given, the ones we are remembering, and the ones we are living into in this moment. We believe our lives matter. We believe our stories matter. We believe they have been silenced, invisibilized or tokenized by others far too long. The Storytelling Project is our way to lift up our stories, find a way to begin to preserve them in this moment, and have them be visible from our own voices, through our own lenses, and for ourselves. This is the beginning of what we hope will be a larger and longer project to begin to build an archive of these stories - POC and QTPOC stories of our spiritual journeys.


On Friday, when breakout sessions are not in progress, the Visioning & Story Space will also be the space for the STORYTELLING PROJECT. POC community members will be able to sign up before and during the conference to record 10-15 minute videos telling the story of your own spiritual journey - the bumps, the beauty, the unique dimensions as a POC person trying to find the fullness of yourself, your spirituality and yourself. 


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