A People of Color - Centered Approach

​The Mystic Soul Project's Mission is to engage the wisdom, teaching, resources, and voices of People of Color (POC) at the intersections of spirituality, activism and healing. We believe that these three components, especially in communities of color, are inextricably interconnected and each one can function in its fullness only with the full engagement and embodiment of the other two parts.


Our purpose is to offer community space (through engagement in national and regional events, as well as supporting local community organization) for POC to build a network and support around these three points of engagement. Additionally, we seek to build community resources to support individuals and communities of color to pursue deeper spiritual practices, spiritual ethos, and expressions of their own healing process (through educational events, spiritual formation programs, spiritual retreats and pilgrimages, online trainings).


Our objectives are to build a wider network of people of color engaging in their own spiritual development, spiritual-healing practices to improve their well-being, to assist them in becoming more sustainable community organizers and agents of social change, and to offer them the ability to share this inner stability in their outer communities that they live and serve in. As a result this will build the well-being of communities of color and, particularly through the engagement of young adults (18-40's), we will help to cultivate and grow a new generation of leaders and teachers of spiritual well-being who will be able to write, teach, and expand this field of work and study for the next generation -- building networks and resources by and for people of color. 


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