January 2018


Thursday, January 11th - Saturday, January 13th, 2018

a POC-Centered gathering of

voices, practices & dialogue on contemplation, action and healing

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE details will be updating regularly from now until the conference. Check back regularly for updates and any changes. 


We are so looking forward to our Friday night reception during the conference. This is a space where we can embrace POC Celebration & Joy - remembering that there is pain and hard work behind us and ahead of us - but that we have to pause, breathe, and find spaces of deep community and joy for our restoration for the journey that is our life. Reminder: Don't forget to purchase you reception tickets when you buy your conference ticket if you want to attend! Cost: $20 pp : 7:30PM - 10PM

The inaugural Mystic Soul Conference: A People of Color - Centered Gathering of Voices, Practices & Dialogue on Contemplation, Action & Healing will be held from Thursday, January 11th - Saturday, January 13th, 2018 at North Park University in Chicago, IL. 

This space is intended to build community, share learnings, wisdom, teachings and questions, as well as practices and experiential learning (mind, body, and spirit) which centers the voices, lineages and practices which are POC-oriented and POC-centering. All of our speakers, facilitators, and curators are POC, and many are also LGBTQIA. We mean to decenter the dominant paradigm of conferences and community (especially in progressive faith/spirituality) which are still often white-centered and white-dominant in focus, programming and orientation - not by spending all our time critiquing how it is done - but rather by creating the space we dreamed of...one where POC and QTPOC can bring their WHOLE SELVES without having to be censored, invisibilized or tokenized. We envision a world for us, by us, that also welcomes all to join with us to envision and live into that world, together. 


We will offer a variety of spaces, projects, and programming which will engage with a POC-centered approach to contemplation/deep spirituality/mysticism, activism, and healing.  These spaces will be communal and experiential in nature -- not about a top-down hierarchy of knowledge but shared space, for shared wisdom to blossom, with practices offer to heal our bodies and restore our spirits. Spaces that allow an engagement with the western spiritual lineages many of us grew up in (for many, Christianity, but we also have community members from other western traditions), and for the wisdom of our ancestral traditions and lineages to rise -- the tribal and indigenous knowing that was erased from many of our lives and lifetimes.  Throughout the process of our time together we will work in community to tackle some of the difficult issues of trauma, racism, privilege and oppression in a contemplative framework as well as offer time to find spiritual and emotional restoration from that pain and woundedness in our bodies, minds and spirits. All of this with a constant return to the FINDING and RECLAIMING of our JOY!

*This conference is POC-centered, Trans/Queer Inclusive & welcoming to all.*


We are working very hard at The Mystic Soul Project and in this conference to engage with decolonizing the structures and formats we have all become used to -- in faith and in our social structures. The existing format for most conferences function on a very Western model of both mindset, learning process, and communal engagement. It is often very much a talking-at process of information offered and passively being received. There is also a distinct line between who is the teacher and expert, and who is the learner and student. This conference will engage with methods of deconstructing this existing framework and engaging with practices and means of community-building which are more authentic to a POC-centered and indigenously reclaimed process of learning. We want to engage in creative and storytelling practices which allow for a reclaiming of stories and sharing of self. We want to have more communal and interactive dialogues - and while information will be offered we hope it will also feel like mutually participatory space.  We look forward to engaging in this process with you! We know it will be imperfect and incomplete - but we hope it is the communal foundation for a work-in-progress that we all can engage in and contribute to constructing and deconstructing together!


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