GWe are so glad you are interested in interning with the Mystic Soul Project for 2018! We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to center POC at the intersections of spirituality, activism & healing - intersectionally trans and queer (LGBTQIA) inclusive + spiritually inclusive. 

With your help and support we can continue to grow and expand what we can offer to POC communities and our allies. Some internships may qualify for school credit - conditional on working in collaboration with your academic institution to make that an option. 

Since we are an organization focused on POC (people of color) we will prioritize the applications of POC and multiply marginalized persons. That said, we do consider all applicants and their fit for the organization and their ability to help support and further the mission of our organization. 


When is the internship for? When does it begin/end?
As soon as we process your application we will, on a rolling basis, contact you regarding your possible start as an intern at the organization. This will run (depending on if for college credit or otherwise) a length determined between the intern and the organization of 3 months - 12 months in duration. 

What are the areas of internship?
We are looking for persons interested in a variety of areas in our organization including: podcast management, social media management, communications management, program management, community network management, new projects management, tech and web support management, administrative support/management, grants management, spirit care/activism/healing/indigenous reclamation interest areas management, storytelling project management, resources and archives management, young leaders & academic project management, among others. If your areas of interest don't fit a particular category/categories please add a comment as to what you might like to offer - we are willing to discuss other needs that haven't been articulated. 

What kind of traditional degree programs would be appropriate for Mystic Soul Interns to be engaged in? 
This could span a variety of areas of focus - since our engagement is across disciples and our mediums of communication are virtual and in-person there are a variety of fields that would be a good match for a Mystic Soul Intern (depending on your area of focus) including but not limited to: Leadership and Administration, Media and Journalism, Justice and Organizing, Wellness and Mental Health, Spirituality and Divinity, Research and Education, Creative Arts, Grants & Nonprofit Management, POC-Oriented or Indigenous Studies Programs, and beyond.

Is the internship eligible for college credit?
We are willing to work with prospective interns and their academic institution to see if your internship would qualify for academic credit. This is conditional on the final determination of your institution. 

I don't live in the United States. Can I still apply?
Many of our internship areas of focus don't require you to be local to Chicago or the United States. We are glad to review all applications regardless of geographical location - throughout the US and beyond. 

Is there an age requirement? 
You must be 18 years of age or older to intern with The Mystic Soul Project. There is no age cap, however, so all ages and generations above the age of 18 are welcome to apply!

Do I have to have a particular level of education to apply?
We believe that education and learning, wisdom and knowledge, come from a vast areas of understanding. We have no restrictions on levels of education for application. We will look at the whole applicant - your passions, interest, background of focus and understanding, when reviewing our application. There are certain skills we would like you to have for specific internships (particularly technical needs like media, podcasting and communications), but there is no overall education requirements to apply.  

Do all internships require a certain time commitment? 
Time commitment for each person in each internship will be negotiated between staff and the intern. Each area of focus requires different time commitments, and each internship might include multiple interns working together on various sub-areas within that internship category. Additionally, academic institutions require various lengths of time and hours per week for their program so this would be a factor for students seeking internships for university/college credit.






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