Mystic Soul Blogging: Submission Guidelines

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Is one of your gifts writing and creativity? We are looking for writers of all experience levels to help our Mystic Soul Blog come to life! Prior expertise in public writing or creative expression is not required. Pieces that can find their ‘home’ here on the Mystic Soul Blog vary and include personal essays, short prose, poetry, contemplative practices and / or ritual explanation, resource guides, essays providing sociocultural analysis, pieces of visual art, and other creative offerings that:

  • Displays an ethos around POC-Centered contemplative spirituality, activism, and healing

  • Adds a strong, clear main idea / offering which helps “to expand the contemplative frame and spiritual lineage” to include the voices of POC

  • Engages with the Mystic Soul Project’s Mission, Vision, Rule of Life, and / or Practices in some way

  • Are trans & queer inclusive, spiritually inclusive, and POC centered

  • While we will consider non-POC offerings periodically, they must engage with a POC-centered approach and be informed by anti-racist and intersectional understandings of self and others

  • Please be attentive to language in your draft submissions and our team can assist during the editing process with refining. Resources to assist you are listed below.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED please send us...

  • A draft of the writing and / or any other creative expression samples (see above; written pieces should be no more than 1500 words)

  • A short bio that describes you - it can be your personal or professional bio but feel free to be creative to how you introduce yourself to us

  • Email your details to

Please note that by submitting creative work to The Mystic Soul Blog, you're agreeing to The Mystic Soul Project’s terms of service, which state:

  • At present, we cannot provide monetary compensation for submitted work but we hope in the future we can pay bloggers for their offerings. For now we will use our social media resources to lift up and share your creative offerings!

  • Editing will be carried out by The Mystic Soul Project Team. As contributor, you agree to talk through any changes that the team makes to the piece, as needed. We will do our best to honor the intentionality and spirit of your creative works and only focus on refining what is there, once accepted.

  • If you decide to cross-post on any other platform, please only cross-post up to 500 words and then leave a hyperlink for the original Mystic Soul submission.

We look forward to reading, reviewing, and enjoying your creative works!

Resources to Assist with Inclusive Language: Emerson EDITORIAL STYLE GUIDE: GUIDELINES FOR INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE

Disability Language Style Guide, National Center on Disability and Journalism at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists: Stylebook Supplement on LGBTQ terminology (CW: lists both best practices as well as derogatory terms to be sure to avoid)

Nine Techniques for Achieving Gender Neutrality (in printed text): The Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition text

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