Under the Gaze of the Full Moon

Cross-posted from Amber's Journal

Tuesday, May 28, 2018, six sisters met by the Ohio River under the gaze of the Full Moon. They were bronze, butterscotch, cinnamon, golden, red clay and earth, and most importantly, beautifully painted brown. They were mothers, aunties, sista-friends, and daughters. How they all came to meet is a mystery, but there they were, a tribe of divine beings sharing space and holding one another. The six sisters gathered to celebrate the Full Moon. To share rituals. To free their spirits of what no longer served them. Lunar cycles bring about change and they welcomed the shift in energy. I won’t give the details of that night. Just know it was sacred. It was needed. It was love.

I left the pews of the church years ago and have been on a spiritual journey since then. This journey has led me to reach and listen to my higher self... and by extension, to God. For most of my life, my relationship with God was associated with a physical place. It was confined to outward expressions of gratitude. I read the word. But I didn’t embody the word.

Over the years I have learned that faith is a verb. Faith (in God, the Universe, the Force, and all the Divine's many names) has led me down unlit paths to destinations undocumented on any map. Faith has allowed me to believe in abundance and hush the whispers of scarcity. I have manifested a life of wonder, magic and freedom.

I have not given up the Church. Praise and worship are sacred to me. The Black Church still feels like home, and is the place I visit when I feel called. I feel connected to family and ancestors when I hear the songs of my childhood sung by the choir. The Pastor transforms into a poet and performer when they step into the pulpit. I welcome the beat of the drums. The loud shouts don’t phase my typically sensitive ears. This is how we communicate in this space. This is home….But home is not always where we are meant to remain.

Now, my everyday spiritual practice is a quiet one. I look to God’s creations for wisdom and guidance. I look to the elements. I am building a relationship with the moon and I look forward to all she has to teach me.


#lunarcycles #fullmoon #Blackchurch #contemplation #spiritualjourney

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