The practice of DIMMING DOWN is one that orients around the rule of life on RHYTHM OVER TIME. Consider the ways in which we are both overly connected and disconnected at the same time when our technological focus becomes greater than our focus in the present moment and in the experience we are in - of community, relationship, pain and joy. DIMMING DOWN is an intentional way of deciding to "dim" your technological presence to different levels to be able to be more present where you are. Especially at gatherings we are often programmed to live tweet, livestream, and hold our phone or ipad or laptop between ourselves and our experience. We invite you to find ways and spaces in your own RHYTHM OF LIFE where you can, intentionally, dim down your technology to turn the volume up on the experience right in front of you. 

The practice of COMING AS YOU ARE means not putting unnecessary expectations on yourself - who you should be, how you should present, what part of yourself you should make visible in any given space. It means coming with your WHOLE SELF, exactly as you are, inside and out. It also means holding who you are as precious -- we know there are times we must necessarily protect the preciousness and vulnerability of ourselves in spaces where our whole selves cannot be fully accepted or seen. This is also why, for POC and QTPOC, Mystic Soul seeks to create and engage in spaces where our WHOLE SELVES can be liberated to just BE. Find those places where you can be, and sink deeply into them -- like a warm blanket or a comfy chair. Find where you can be, and COME exactly as YOU ARE. Come home to your whole self.

The practice of IMPERFECTION means holding ourselves all accountable - as people, communities, and organizations - to the inherent nature of our imperfection. Practicing and embracing our IMPERFECTION is, in itself, a spiritual practice. It is a practice of acceptance, without judgement or criticism, when we see imperfection in the world around us and in our interior world of SELF. We can never get it "all right" or "perfect" and there are no sets of rules or ideologies that will find some perfect way of being. The spiritual path is IMPERFECTION itself, and when we embrace that our own liberation and the liberation of what we do is limitless. Let go of the ideal and live into what IS. It is beautiful, because of, not despite, its inherent imperfection. 

The practice of LETTING GO is valuable in many spaces. When your life and view and vantage point has come from a place of privilege LETTING GO can mean abdicating the comfort of the privilege to center others, rather than self, and letting go of what that space of privilege has meant, how you have been attached to it and the benefits of that position. It also means LETTING GO of the guilt around that privilege and activate that energy around living into a new way of being. LETTING GO when you come from a place of marginalization means releasing the ideas of you put on you by outside forces and systems which said you were not "good enough." Own your enoughness and LET GO of anything that says that you are other than the fullness of the divine, down to your core. LETTING GO, whatever our social location, means LETTING GO of what was pre-prescribed for us and living into our authentic self - fully whole, divine, no more or no less than anyone else. 

The practice of BEING HERE NOW means that we allow ourselves (as expressed in DIMMING DOWN) to let go of what was before, or what will be (it doesn't mean we forget), to be fully in this moment we are in. It means LETTING GO of the suffering of our past, and not letting it inform our present (it doesn't mean we forget). It means transcending that which has hurt us, including what is useful from our past, and finding a way to release the suffering that we carry around like a heavy backpack, filled with stones. BEING HERE NOW means living into the fullness of THIS moment, and the fullness and wholeness of ourselves in THIS MOMENT - not letting anything limit the potential and the beauty in us, right here, right now. 

If you have viewed our RULE OF LIFE you have been able to visualize the principles which guide our Mystic Soul mission and vision. THE PRACTICES are the embodiment of our RULE in daily living - ways we can tangibly hold onto these values and beliefs in our lives. It is also the authentic truths of (as you'll see it in one of our practices) our inherent "IMPERFECTION" meaning that we won't do it perfectly, and some days we won't even do it well. But because it is PRACTICE, on purpose, it means that we keep practicing, keep trying, and keep working towards living our RULE out in our PRACTICES the best that we can. 


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