The Indigenous Reclamation Visioning Conversation will be a space to engage in conversation with others who are working to excavate and explore their own spiritual roots in their indigenous and tribal ancestors and their communal, healing and spiritual ways of being. It is a space to discuss this journey in community with others and the solitude many feel seeking this path in communities which may not nurture this journey or understand the seeking. It is also a space for people to gather in discussion around what kind of professional or academic work you might be doing in this area of focus - how you are exploring the academic and literary validation of this process, the history of erasure and the autoethnography (personal story of) reclamation. Also what are you seeing in this reclamation that inspires you and what resources are supporting your journey. All these discussions and beyond are welcome here!


This conversation will be facilitated by AnaYelsi Velasco-Sanchez, who will also be facilitating a workshop on the same concept. 

The POC-Centered Mysticism & Spirituality Visioning Conversation will be a space to discuss the ways in which we explore and reclaim our spiritualities of the past and hold a new space in the present that contains the complexity of our spiritual experience as POC in this moment. It is a space to explore how you are holding your own mystical/spiritual journey in this moment - the struggles, the joy, the beauty, the pain - and be in conversation with others on their own journeys. This is also a place to discuss where the past, present & future come together in terms of how we form, as a community, a POC-centered mysticism and spirituality for ourselves and our communities in this moment, discuss who and where and how we see this happening already and inspiring us, and the ways in which we hope and envision it continuing forward into the future. What are the project we want to manifest, the books we wish existed, the ways in which we would love to see people gathering in dialogue and practice around this idea. 

This conversation will be facilitated by Deja Baptiste, who will also be a facilitator in the Creative Space.

The Contemplative Activism Visioning Conversation will be a space to dialogue about the existing intersections of contemplation and activism, the ways and places in which they seem distant from one another and why/how these issues play out. It will also engage with issues of privilege and power in much of the existing contemplative framework and the ways in which that has played out for the distance between the two spaces. It will be place for free conversation of folks to share how they have seen these intersections work and not in their own contexts, and what they hope and vision for a wider world of both contemplation and activism that is more deeply rooted in collaborative spaces, conversation and ways of engaging with the world. 

This conversation will be facilitated by Cicia Lee, who will be facilitating a workshop on the same concept. 

The Spirit & Healing Care Visioning Conversation will be a space to discuss POC-Centered care practices and practitioners with those who are engaged in this kind of work (mental & medical health care providers, social workers in various contexts, spiritual directors, coaches, wellness providers, and body care workers, and beyond) who want a field of practice which engages the wholeness of themselves as POC and the wholeness of the needs of those they care for - who seek resources, tools, books, trainings, and beyond, for us and by us. This is a space to discuss what you are already doing, find like care providers, and vision together towards a future of practice and networking that can support each of us and each other in this work - and in the needed work in and for our communities. It is a space to discuss what is missing from the current models of education and practice methods for medical care, mental health care, social services, spiritual care/direction created dominantly by and led by leadership that is still mostly white. It is a space to support each other's calling and journey - as well as a space to vision for the future of this work!

This conversation will be facilitated by the leadership of the Spirit Care Team. 

The Visioning Conversations will happen in the Visioning & Story Space at the conference. These Visioning conversation times are meant to offer people space to connect informally (there will be a facilitator but just to offer some prompts for conversation-igniting) with others who are passionate in the same way and, maybe, want to share visions for where this work might go and how you all want to activate that work - individually and together - in the world! Let's begin to dream what Mystic Soul looks like, not just in this conference space, but in the living, breathing world. Below are further details on each of these conversation topics. They are areas of focus and interest in the work of Mystic Soul (as a conference and organization) and also expressed in this conference community coming together!


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